Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women in Atlanta

Reclaim energy, focus & zeal for life with hormone treatment for women.


Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy With Atlanta’s MedSpa

Hormones affect our mood, sleep, alertness, body temperature, libido and many other daily life activities. As our body’s begin to age, we are likely to experience the adverse effects of estrogen fluctuations and progesterone deficiencies. Changes in our hormone levels contribute to a variety of symptoms such as: 

● mood swings 

● irritability 

● hot flashes 

● sleeplessness 

● low libido 

● menopause 


At Regenerative MedSpa our doctors will assess your hormone status. Normal hormone range may not always indicate optimal range, you can count on us to help you find your optimal levels.

HRT for Women Menopause

Hormones are a delicate balance. Women undergo hormonal fluctuations such as menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, perimenopause, and menopause. That’s like a lifetime ticket to ride life’s longest rollercoaster! As early as age 30 women should monitor their hormones to establish a healthy baseline and hormone harmony. With age, symptoms present in the form of fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, lack of libido and even forgetfulness. A hormone treatment plan (HRT for women) can help to maintain a healthy balance with the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women.

Bioidentical HRT for Women

Starting with comprehensive hormone testing, consisting of blood and urine testing, we will assess your current hormone levels and other critical biomarkers. This advanced testing allows us to hone in on your specific needs and formulate the ideal therapeutic hormone treatment plan for you. Our Medical Director, Dr. Beata Grochowska, MD at Regenerative MedSpa will utilize these results combined with lifestyle information to formulate an individual therapy plan for you.

Hormone Pellets for Women


Women’s HRT pellets are naturally derived from plants and designed to replicate your body’s natural hormones exactly, making them bio-equivalent. This means your body cannot distinguish the difference between Regenerative MedSpa’s hormones and your own natural hormones, maximizing your results! Made from only plant-based ingredients, the pellets do not contain any additives or unnatural substances that are harmful to your body.


During a short 30 minute visit to Regenerative MedSpa Buckhead, a BHRT pellet, approximately 1cm long, is placed under your skin, usually near the hip, and immediately begins to deliver the hormones to your body as they are needed to maintain your hormone levels. The pellet dissolves over time, there is no need to remember to take a pill each day or to use a cream. The therapy is quick, easy, and impactful. Your mood will become more stabilized and you will begin to have a healthy sexual desire. You will experience more energy and stamina. If you want to stop the degenerative process of aging call Regenerative MedSpa for a confidential consultation today!

Expectations and Results of Our Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Experience health and rejuvenation as damage to cells are repaired and tissues are renewed. Your body’s natural hormone levels are restored, bringing along many additional benefits such as: 

● increased energy 

● improved mood

● stabile mood 

● increased libido 

● higher bone density 

● improved skin elasticity 

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The benefits of Regenerative MedSpa’s hormone replacement therapy for women are endless. Our Atlanta hormone doctors are here to make it easy for you. A carefully customized plan based on your needs and desires will yield nothing less than a better version of yourself! Hormones are essential to every element of your well-being, and when properly balanced in a natural way, they will improve your overall lifestyle as well as your appearance. You can look forward to firmer more youthful looking skin, loss of unwanted body fat, stabilized moods, more energy and increased sexual desire. 

You can expect a consistent level of hormones that allow you to feel refreshed and well rested. Once inserted, the pellet will consistently release the hormones into your system and there is no need to worry about removal as it will safely dissolve in the body over time. Implants are generally conducted every three to four months depending on how quickly you metabolize the pellet. 


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