Can Improved Overall Health Prevent Hair Loss?

Jul 04, 2023
Can Improved Overall Health Prevent Hair Loss?
In some cases, your hair can serve as an indication of your overall health. Here’s how lifestyle changes can prevent hair loss, and when you should consider restoration.

A single strand of hair contains immense amounts of personal information. Most people know about using forensics to determine someone’s DNA from a hair root, but you can also discern different things about their lifestyle and identity. 

Hair loss can sometimes be an indication of poor overall health, implying that changes are necessary. Making changes to benefit your overall health can also improve hair quality, prevent additional loss, and set the stage for hair regrowth.

At Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia, our team of body wellness and anti-aging specialists delivers exceptional results with hair restoration, giving you back your confidence with thicker, fuller hair. 

How your hair reflects your health 

Your hair is very easily impacted by outside factors, including mental and physical stress, malnutrition, medications, and life events like childbirth. This type of hair loss is known as telogen effluvium, and certain lifestyle changes can help you manage it and stimulate hair regrowth. 

Unfortunately, there are some factors you can’t change. These include things like aging and genetics. For example, if you have a history of balding in your family, there might not be a lot you can do to avoid balding as you get older. 

Androgenic alopecia is also known as hereditary hair loss. It’s the most common type of hair loss, affecting millions of men and women at some point in their lives. People also call this male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. 

Improving your overall health to positively impact your hair

While you can’t completely prevent the inevitable, you can attempt to prevent, reduce, or postpone hair loss with lifestyle choices that improve your overall health. These include: 

  • Eating a healthy diet, rich in protein and iron
  • Losing weight gradually, with no “crash” diets 
  • Quitting cigarettes, which vastly improves your overall health
  • Switching to natural, sulfate-free shampoos
  • Reducing stress, both of the body and mind 
  • Getting regular scalp massages to stimulate blood flow
  • Wearing a hat on sunny days 

By making sure your body is healthy and strong, you free up more resources that can be used to revitalize your hair and support hair health.

When to consider hair restoration 

If you’re fighting a losing battle against hair loss, you might need a little help in the form of professional hair restoration treatment. At Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead, we offer both PRP and exosome therapy to promote hair regrowth. 

Exosomes are components of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), while platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a healing serum derived from your own blood. They’ve both been found to be effective at stimulating proliferation of dermal papilla cells (DPCs) in hair follicles, thus encouraging hair growth.

During each session, concentrated mixtures of exosomes or PRP are injected into thinning areas of the scalp. Over the coming weeks, the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties should prevent further hair loss and encourage regrowth. 

It can take time and repeated treatment to see results, but hair restoration can help with thinning or receding hairlines. Combined with a healthier lifestyle, this can help you enjoy a full head of hair for years to come.

To find out if exosome or PRP therapy is right for you, schedule a consultation with the team at Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead. Call us at 470-670-0465, or request an appointment online.