What Is Dermaplaning and Should You Try It?

So you’ve heard of dermaplaning but aren't quite sure what it is; look no further! Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation where a professional uses a medical blade to remove the top layer of dead skin and vellus hairs (peach fuzz) from the face. It's a gentle and painless procedure with no downtime, making it suitable for almost anyone!

It is common to think that dermaplaning is equivalent to shaving the face, but it goes much deeper than that! This treatment can be done on all skin types and helps to correct acne scars, dull skin, dry skin, sun damage, and wrinkles.

How does it work? As we age, our cell turnover rate decreases tremendously. Skin cell turnover is the process of producing new skin cells to replace existing ones. By the age of 30, this process can take 28 to 45 days and only increases the older we get. Removing that top layer of dead skin cells increases the number of new cells and encourages them to come to the surface! Post-treatment you should expect to see a smoother surface and brighter skin.

Not only will dermaplaning help correct existing issues, but it will also prevent further damage because this removal of dead skin allows for better product penetration. Your skincare products will be much more effective, your makeup will apply flawlessly, and your skin will be healthier overall.

Exfoliation is essential in order to maintain clear, healthy skin but too much exfoliation isn't a good thing. It’s recommended to wait 4-6 weeks between appointments to stay in-line with that natural skin turnover rate. Even though this is a gentle treatment, it’s still a deep exfoliation which can make your skin more vulnerable to the sun. This means you need to take sun protection seriously and apply SPF daily.

If dermaplaning is something you are interested in, contact us for a free consultation and if you mention this post, you will receive 10% off of your first dermaplane appointment!

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Before Dermaplane:

After Dermaplane:

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