What Makes the HydraFacial® Different?

Mar 08, 2023
What Makes the HydraFacial® Different?
Regular facials and chemical peels can go a long way toward restoring your skin health, but HydraFacial MD® takes things a step further by extracting deep debris and sealing in moisture.

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, it can be difficult to figure out what your skin needs. Does it need exfoliation or hydration? A facial or a chemical peel? With HydraFacial MD®, you can cover all your bases and face your day with a fresh, glowing complexion. 

At Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia, our team of body wellness and anti-aging specialists delivers exceptional skin care via the revolutionary HydraFacial system. This system is different from any other facial you’ve ever tried, and here’s why.

Multiple steps are the secret to the HydraFacial experience

HydraFacial treatment isn’t a single step. Instead, it combines three steps in one technology to ensure your skin gets everything it needs to be nourished and gorgeous.

Step one: peel 

The first step of a HydraFacial is the chemical peel. This is different from most chemical peels, because it starts with a dermaplaning process designed to remove topical dead skin cells and open your pores. Then the peel solution is applied to gently encourage more old skin layers to loosen and come off, revealing fresh new skin underneath.

Step two: exfoliate

Once the peel is complete, it’s time to exfoliate completely to get all of that old skin off your face and pull deep-seated debris out of clogged pores. This is another thing that makes the Hydrafacial different: using Vortex-Fusion® technology, we gently and effectively deep clean your skin without pressure or squeezing, leaving your face feeling fully refreshed.

Step three: protect

The Vortex-Fusion process simultaneously infuses your skin with a tailored combination of nutrient-packed serums and moisturizers, giving it everything it needs to look fresh, young, and healthy. The final step seals in all that amazing moisture for a glow you’ll be able to easily maintain until your next HydraFacial appointment. 

The HydraFacial difference

Instead of having to mix and match a series of treatments and hope your skin comes out looking all right afterwards, the HydraFacial gives you everything you need in a single easy package: cleansing, peeling, exfoliation, and infusion. 

It’s the new way to care for your face, and once you’ve tried it, we’re fairly certain you’ll prefer having HydraFacials over separate peels, exfoliants, and face masks going forward. Have questions? Our team is happy to answer them and give you more information before you book your appointment. 

Whether you have sun-damaged skin, signs of acne, visible fine lines and wrinkles, or enlarged pores, a HydraFacial can help you achieve the aesthetic you're dreaming of. It’s the restorative all-in-one option you can enjoy on your lunch break, without worrying about going back to work red-faced or puffy.

Ready to try out the HydraFacial for yourself? Call Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead, or schedule an appointment online today.