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Atlanta Botox and Filler Services

Revive a more youthful appearance with natural, fresh-looking results.


Botox and Filler Services

There is no shortage of topical creams and serums on the market today. Some are affordable across the table and others can be hundreds of dollars per vial all offering the secret to younger looking skin! While having a skin care regimen is an important part of protecting your skin's supple appearance, there is something much deeper we need to consider. The world of botox and fillers was once reserved for the very well to do, or Hollywood Icons! With advancements in both the medical and cosmetic world botox and filler injectables is now affordable enough to become a part of your skin care regimen.

No two clients are the same, and what works well for one person may not be the best procedure for you. At Regenerative MedSpa, we consult with every client to develop an individual treatment plan customized to your concerns and your goals. Many of our clients choose to combine aesthetics treatments, such as Botox and fillers with other facial rejuvenation services, to maximize their results and long-term satisfaction. 

Whether you are looking to smooth out a little line or reclaim your youthful appearance we at Regenerative MedSpa are here to help you be comfortable in the skin you’re in! Call us today at 404-816-8557 and let us assist you with botox and fillers in Atlanta, GA! 

What Injectables Fillers in Atlanta Do We Offer?

  • BOTOX COSMETIC & DYSPORT – Reduce and smooth fine lines and wrinkles on forehead and around the eyes. Duration: 3-4 months. 

  • JUVEDERM ULTRA, ULTRA PLUS & RESTYLANE REFINE– Treat facial wrinkles and create lip fullness. Duration: up to 12 months. 

  • VOLUMA XC & RESTYLANE LIFT – Restore volume loss in the cheeks and midface. Lyft can also add volume to the back of hands. Duration: up to 2 years. 

  • VOBELLA XC – Adds definition to lips and superficial lines. Duration: up to 12 months. 

  •  VOLLURE – Smooths the under-eye are and also can be used to subtly plump lips. Duration: up to 18 months.

Customized Injectables & Fillers for Full and Youthful Skin

Many clients are interested in nonsurgical face lift procedures to address a wide variety of facial and skin concerns. As such, using Botox and dermal fillers together offers powerful anti-aging solutions for both women and men in the Atlanta area. 

While Botox and Dysport are incredible products to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, a comprehensive approach to restoring youthful appearance and fullness may also include the use of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, to reduce the look of sagging skin or deep wrinkles. When combined, these dynamic duos can give clients an overall renewed, vibrant appearance. 

At Regenerative MedSpa, we are committed to helping you choose the injectables treatments and products best suited to your individual needs and aims. The first step in customizing your liquid face lift plan is a complimentary consultation with Dr KG. 


During your one-on-one botox session in Atlanta, Dr. KG will discuss your history, concerns, and goals, and she’ll perform a personalized facial assessment to educate and guide you in deciding the most beneficial treatments for you.


Our Atlanta Botox Cosmetic & Medical Uses

The primary cosmetic use for botox is reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic procedure nationwide. The effects can last up to 12 months, depending on the type of treatment. The most common areas of injection are between the brows, wrinkles around the eyes, horizontal forehead creases, corners of the mouth and “cobblestone” skin on the chin. 

Botox is used to treat a variety of medical conditions such as severe underarm sweating, or hyperhidrosis, eyelid spasms, treatment of migraines, and reducing symptoms of an overactive bladder to name a few.

More Options for A Youthful Appearance

Our medspa offers more options than just botox and fillers in the Atlanta area. We also offer dermal fillers, juvederm, and more. Dermal fillers and injectables, also referred to as facial fillers, are cosmetic treatments administered via injections. With aging comes the loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Unfortunately, as we age, not only does our body stop producing these three components of the fountain of youth but cell turnover starts to slow down as well. This is when we start to see signs of aging. Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of the skin, which is why it results in such a natural appearance.

Juvaderm is a line of dermal filler products that are composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that helps the skin stay moisturized, soft, and voluminous. When injecting Juvederm in specific areas of the face you can achieve long lasting, natural looking volume that smoothes out wrinkles and folds. Leaving you feeling uplifted and confident!

3 V’s Of Juvaderm

Juvaderm Voluma is designed specifically for the loss of volume in the cheeks. As we age, the loss of hyaluronic acid results in loss of volume. Voluma corrects age related volume loss in the cheeks and helps achieve a lifted, contoured appearance. Your smile will glow with a youthful boost of volume that can last as long as two years.

Juvaderm Volbella is a non-surgical lip augmentation that enhances the shape and volume of the lips. This treatment also diminishes fine lines also known as straw lines around the mouth and lasts up to one year.

Juvaderm Vollure are used to reverse deep recessed wrinkles and folds most often around the mouth, otherwise known as parentheses lines. This treatment can last up to 18 months.

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Stop Wrinkles & Prevent Fine Lines with Our Atlanta Botox Options

Don’t wait for wrinkles and lines to appear. Keep them at bay with preventative Botox and other injectables fillers. Wrinkles are caused by muscles under the skin contracting. Neurotoxin injectables, like Botox Cosmetic and Dysport, target muscles in the injected area and keep them from overly contracting. 

Preventative Botox injections in your 20s and 30s can give you a jump start on combating skin’s aging and appearance, stopping wrinkles and fine lines from forming and deepening. We also highly recommend getting skin rejuvenation procedures such Hydrafacial done while your muscles are “under the influence” of Botox. This will optimize your results by maximizing the effects and duration of your Botox Cosmetic injections.

At Regenerative Medspa of Buckhead, our dedicated team of providers and medical professionals offer clients in the Buckhead area the latest innovative technologies and aesthetic treatments to improve skin’s vitality and health. We provide an array of injectables, including Botox Cosmetic, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles to improve the appearance of your skin and restore a youthful appearance. Call our office today to schedule your next Botox appointment in Atlanta, GA!

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