State-of-the-Art MedSpa Services for Men

Command Control of Your Appearance, Health & Wellness!

MedSpa Services for Men’s Health and Wellness

Today is your day! Don’t wait to tackle the appearance and health concerns that weigh you down, both mentally and physically. Doctor-owned and operated, our Buckhead Atlanta men’s health and wellness clinic offers customized medical spa services designed to enhance all aspects of men’s health and improve your quality and enjoyment of life…from the inside out.


We provide a wide range of aesthetic and restorative treatments for men of all ages and all stages of life. Our medspa services for men include Brotox and fillers, laser hair removal, body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, PRP treatments for hair loss restoration and sexual enhancement, and more.

Our friendly, supportive staff is here to help you achieve your goals using the most advanced non-invasive corrective technologies and medical-grade treatments.


At Regenerative Medspa of Buckhead, our team is passionate about helping men look, feel and perform at their very best. Call our Atlanta men’s health and wellness clinic at 404-816-8557 and let’s get started today!

Innovative Men’s Wellness Spa in Atlanta

At Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead, we are proud to be Atlanta’s innovative and progressive men’s wellness spa. Every service we provide reflects our science-based approach to face, skin and regenerative treatments and our unshakeable commitment to improving your whole-body health.


We invite you to explore our aesthetics services and men’s health and wellness medical spa offerings.

Botox & Fillers

Revive a more youthful appearance with natural, fresh-looking results.

Skin Rejuvenation

Renew & condition skin to reverse signs of sun damage, scars and aging.

Laser Skin & Vein Treatments

Remove unwanted hair & improve skin health, even in the most delicate areas.

RegenerativeSkin TreatmentAtlantaMedSpa.
Regenerative Skin

Restore skin’s health to minimize imperfections, wrinkles & scars.

Menshair growthAtlantaMedSpa.jpg

Reverse hair loss naturally with safe & effective PRP hair replacement treatments.


Sculpt chiseled abs, buttocks, calves & arms with muscle-building EMSCULPT.

Hormone Health

Achieve greater vitality & better performance with naturally restored hormones.

Sexual Wellness

Optimize sexual performance & satisfaction with science-backed treatments.

IV Therapy
IV Therapy

Replenish energy & essential nutrients with proprietary IV Therapy formulas.   

What Our Clients Say

"Everyone was very patient and took the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer all my questions. The doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable with my procedure. Dr. G is amazing, very gentle and explains what she's doing before and during the procedure putting you at ease. The PRP procedure was performed under local anesthetic to make me as comfortable as possible. Downtime was less than I expected, the next day I was fine to go to work without any problem. Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I highly recommend this Medspa."

-Andre C.D.

Celebrate Life with Great Looks & Great Health

Progressive Men’s Health and Wellness Clinic

At our state-of-the-art medical spa in Atlanta, Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead delivers a comprehensive, whole-body suite of medical grade services that coordinate and connect your External Appearance & Aesthetics with your Internal Health & Wellness.


Looking your best and feeling your best are inseparable. Our team’s goal is to help you achieve your very best – in all aspects of appearance, body health and performance. This driving commitment to improving men’s health and wellness is central to everything we do.


In each step of the process, we focus on you and your needs. During a private pre-service consultation, our expert practitioners will address your questions, listen to your concerns, discuss your expectations, and learn about your personal hopes and goals.


We’ll share our insights and recommendations, creating a customized medspa treatment plan for services at our men’s health and wellness clinic that work in concert to improve your whole-body health and quality of life – from your physical strength, energy and vitality to aesthetics, self-image and self-confidence.


Regenerative MedSpa, located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, is a full service medspa for men and women, combining medical expertise with a passion for total body wellness.

Call us today at 404-816-8557 and let’s get started!